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Who Knows Ten?

Sample Quiz #1:
1.   Which of the following is never the number of benedictions in the Shemoneh Esreh (the Amidah) on any occasion:  seven (7), nine (9), eighteen (18), nineteen (19), twenty (20)?

2.  Whose is the only birthday celebration mentioned in the Torah?

3.  What Jewish month has no special day or observance in it?

4:   What is the only occasion of public Torah-Reading at night?

5:   Who is the only rabbi to have a statue in a national capital?

6:   How many times are tsitsit (the fringes on the prayer shawl) mentioned in the Shema?

7:   What was born at the time of Creation, will exist as long as the world, but hasn't reached -- and will never reach -- the age of five weeks?

8:  When is there a Haftarah (Prophetic) Reading at an afternoon service?

9:   Aside from reading the entire Book of Esther (The Megillah) on Purim, what is the only liturgical use of anything from Esther?

10:  When are Psalms 145 through 150 read in order twice in the same morning?

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