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The Sage's Simcha

Sample Puzzle #2: 
My synagogue follows the custom of never calling up a father and son at the same time.  For example, a father and son could not have consecutive aliyot, or hag'bah (Lifting the Torah) and gelilah (Dressing the Torah), and so on.  But the day before yesterday my father and my grandfather went to services with me and we all stood on the bima at the same time!  And yesterday my father led the service and wore t'fillin while my grandfather and I did not!  Today I drove  my grandfather to shul in terrible weather that kept many older people at home.  He was rewarded by being called to Torah.  What were the first words of his aliyah?  

(As always, you may assume that no violations of halacha have occurred.)

You've given me a headache. Take me to the Trivia Test instead.

Moshiach will answer this. In the meantime, show me another puzzle.

Hah! You call *that* a puzzle?  Have *I* got a puzzle for *you*!!!

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